Today We Celebrate the Divinely Inspired YOU! My purpose is to inspire you to feel the Divine in every aspect of your daily living. We discover, explore and activate Source in all situations in your life:  the shadows as well as the celebrations. As a Spiritual Channel it is my intention to guide you to an intimate discovery through Source.


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"It's hard to believe that it has been over ten years since I received my first big inspired moment.  My path to rediscovering me, the very essence of my humanity, has been a spiritual journey.  I can say that I have walked step-by-step through Spirit.  I have to admit that there were times I did so grudgingly.  It was not always a humble walk in my heart.  It has been humbling. So now I can be in awe of my experience and be humble.  Coming into tanglible experience of the unknown, relying on Source is something I would not trade one step for a different experience.  There are diamonds to be mined in each encounter. Source is my Guide and my Teacher. Sometimes when I am in Channel I feel the Love of God so profoundly that tears just seep from my eyes.  It is pure peace and contentment every time that I express Source as Its Vessel. I AM FREE!  I Feel.  I Rediscover.  I Explore.  I Energize. Through a daily conversation with Source."


Mercedes is a Spiritual Vessel for a group of guides calling themselves, "The Eternal Infinite."  This group of Light Teachers provides information, guidance and wisdom based on spiritual laws and universal principles.  As teachers, each Guide usually brings clarity, understanding or a different way of thinking or approaching the circumstances you are asking about or seeking to shift.  The unique part about this approach is that different teachers come forward during each question.  So it's okay that you may not know something, within the Infinite One Mind - Source, the information is there and Guidance teaches.  Understand that this is not a predictive Source.  We do not predict the future because you have free choice and free will. This means you are always able to use the information as taught or make other choices.  This effects the outcome.  The Channel


Love is the transformative Force.  Love is ALL there is.  Sometimes when you are going through a tough time it is hard to see where the love is. Often times you may  be in a place where you are wondering where the Love is.  That's okay.  There are many ways to approach things and the Channel comes forward in the best way to assist you.  Sometimes the first order of transformation is just feeling better.  This work and these sessions are available to everyone who has a belief in Source, a higher power. Mercedes channels four aspects of Spirit:

  • Soul Conversations
  • Energy Balancing, Transformation & Rejuvenation
  • Ancient Wisdom and Teaching
  • Art & Social Commentary



The spiritual laws of the universe are the soil in which you plant the seeds of your desires, healing and transformation.  These Laws are the same for every one.  It does not matter what religion, belief system, nationality or cultural systems you employ.  The Law of Gravity, "what comes up must go down."  This happens whether it is a marble, apple or an elephant the gravitational pull is downward.  The spiritual laws are the same.  I use the term, "Applied Spirituality."  This means that the spiritual laws can be used deliberately and with forethought to shift your life and manifest your desires. The Channel will base Its teachings on these Laws.  The Channel







The vibration of sound is how the transformation occurs during sessions with Mercedes when she is in Channel.  She speaks in a Divine Light Language.  The language will sound foreign to you.  It is just like being at the United Nations.  The English translation follows.  Vibration is the language of the universe. This is how the alignment occurs with you, your situation and your teachings and shifts.  You can hear examples of the language on Mercedes' It's All Spiritual YouTube Channel.

It's All Spiritual

Creating Positive Vibes for Positive Outcomes!


A  is a 4-hour session with Mercedes in Channel. These group sessions include an introduction with meditation or breathing sequence, a teaching segment and a question and answer segment.   Small groups of 8 to 12 people are available.  Sessions are also done for larger groups.  Be advised of these guidelines:

  • Be On Time, Once the Channel starts no entry into the space is allowed until the next break.
  • Come with an open heart because there can be a range of questions, circumstances and philosophies.
  • Not everyone will be able to ask a question.  The Channel usually selects each person.
  • During the Q&A segment each person is allotted between 5 and 10 minutes.
  • The meditation may be conducted by an associate.
  • There is a 15 to 20 minute break in  between segments.





Bringing the Invisible into the Visible, the Unknown into the Known - We are a Spiritual Mastermind Community focused on achievement through meditation, breath work, affirmation, energy treatment and connecting with Source.  This community comes together, via teleconference, twice per month for 60 to 75 minutes per session. As we journey into this sacred space, we actively engage in applying spiritual law toward outcomes for our mutual as well as individual greater good. (Applied Spirituality)

These sessions are perfect for anyone working towards a goal, wanting to make a shift or wanting to be facilitated into a spiritual energy. There will be little to no discussion.  Your homework before each session will be to formulate your intention, vision or goal.  For More Information:  The Spiritual Mastermind



Book a one-on-one Insight Channel or Wisdom Channel with Mercedes.  These sessions are typically conducted over the phone.  The Insight Channel is great if you have a particular situation that you would like to understand.  Insight Channels are about 40 minutes in length. The Wisdoms sessions typically include Meditation, the Preamble, some teaching and your questions.  The Wisdom sessions are typically about 75 to 90 minutes in length.







Spiritual Transformations. Intuitive energy rebalancing is the perfect first step to feeling like you have both feet under you and a clear head.  Mercedes is a Holy Fire Reiki Master teacher and she specializes in teaching you how to rebalance and renew.  Often times the first step in any change, shift or deliberate transformation is to feel good about it and supported.  That is what Reiki does.  Whether you are healing from a physical challenge, healing from a relationship challenge or healing from a life challenge Holy Fire Reiki is a supportive energy that knows how to flow into the areas of your situation to enhance achievement as well as your highest good.  For information about taking a Holy Fire Reiki Class visit Mercedes' The Reiki Experience 360 website.  To schedule a Holy Fire Reiki Session - that can be conducted while you are at home - visit:

It's All Spiritual

Exhale! Seed Creator

You Don't Have to Accept the Cherry Tomatoe

What People are Saying....

Thank you for Being You, and all of the Blessings that come along. On June 1st, I enjoyed a most peaceful meditation filled with intention. Then, as I listened to the recorded session, I was blessed all over again. It seemed as if my intention was released into the power of manifestation with even greater intensity. So blessed to be sharing this life experience with Sister. Light, Love and Energy!! Omiyale Jube




A Pure & Perfect Love

Thank you for your service, you are a beautiful channel of pure and perfect love. Debra Berger


My Heart Opens

Mercedes, I'm sincerely grateful you are who you are! It is because of sharing your authentic self (you couldn't be more real) that my heart opens & the blessings that come through you touch me deeply. Thank you Mercedes, God Bless You! Peggy Harris

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