Special Appearances

Thank you Monica Bickerstaff for inviting me to be a guest expert on your Facebook Forum, "Ask The Aroma Therapist!"  It was a pleasure!  The Guidance was talking about creating your sacred space.  I bet you will be surprised, Where? and How?  Enjoy!



I Celebrate! The Way You Do The Things You Do!

Facebook Live!:  January 14, 2016. 

The Civilities Movement – Channel

January 21, 2017. The Light Worker becomes The Light Body & The Light Body becomes The Light Worker.  In this merge, each becomes a Light Star Body. Each has a gift, a talent and each respects the work of the other.  It is a metaphor.  It is happening.  It is the new energy.

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The Goal is Divine Peace

The Goal is Divine Peace:  January 16, 2016.  Live Channel

Those Deep Sacred Places

Those Deep Sacred Places:  January 25, 2017

Where Are You Driving To?

Where Are You Driving To:  January 27, 2017.  Live Channel

Fear is Not a Requirement

Fear is Not a Spiritual Requirement:  January 31, 2017.  Live Audio Channel