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The new civilities movement – Commentary & Channel

Spiritual Activism is the conscious use of spiritual practices to influence an item, issue or circumstance, for the highest good of humanity.


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Light Body…

Find the energetic opposite and activate the intention of creating balance. The balance point negates the Polarity and brings the situation into homeostasis or neutrality. Is the goal really to swing anything to your point of view or is the goal coming into the best of all humanity?

What is that best?

If in the face of hate you match it with hate of the position, attitude or action; you are seeding more hate. This is why the intention and emotional foundation of your activity is so important.

This is a demonstration of the new civilities. It is not a question of swaying people to your perspective. Each point of view exists because of the dual nature of your dimension. Therefore swinging the pendulum to your point of view just creates more tension. It is a heart set of coming into a space that is good for all humanity and moving into balance that creates peace. This means that you are going to have to understand what the other person is loving. Once you understand that compassion rises. Then from there be at peace and allow the opposite to rise and activate that.

What results is what is best for humanity.

One more thing. Fear begets fear. The fear of what is, what’s about to happen and what has happened can only create more fear. You may have to heal your fear first before you can come into a compassionate heart that shifts the macro into balance and thus harmony and peace.

This activation cannot come from hate. This is a shift. The motivation must come from love and the desire to do what is best for humanity. The ascension is within each breath and within each of you.

This is the new civilities movement. The shift is coming into balance to create harmony.

This becomes lifestyle, heart style and mind style. Don’t alienate or destroy your perceived enemy. Respect their right to exist. Come into balance with them. Use the subtle frequencies to bring Light and Love back into the dual planes.

This will be very good for humanity. This is in alignment with Divine Law.

It’s ALL Spiritual

Mercedes Warrick, In Channel

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