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My Sacred Space

I wanted to share with you my sacred space.  It is the space where I will paint and where I do my energy work.  Most of the time if you are around me, I sit on the floor with my favorite blanket.  This crystal grid is a powerful alignment grid:  Chakra system support and support for all levels:  Earth, Body, Universe are represented.

It’s still a work in progress.  However I love it here.  I AM Blessed. I AM Content.

So when I do distance treatments or talking with you over the phone.  Most likely it is happening here.

Ever since I was a little girl I would collect rocks from my special places.  I still take a collection of these from place-to-place.  Each comforts me and has a memory.

We should treasure our sacred spaces and places.  The memories allow our hearts to burst open with joy and laughter.  Nature sustains us with beauty and brings us peace.

To my teacher and mentor, Kathleen Greene…. Thank you for creating within me a true love of crystal healing and the sacred spaces of friendship, trust, generosity and joy.  You have influenced my life deeply.

I AM Grateful.

May You Know the Divine Intimately.



P.S.  Yesterday I was in a gathering and there were several questions about how I learned about crystal healing.

I was very lucky to have a mentor find me.  She nurtured my natural love of crystals
into a passion for feeling their energy and coming into relationship with each one I have.
Here are a few tips that I hope kindles your love for crystals.
Love Discovery
Each crystal has a personality beyond its “technical” descriptions.
I was fortunate to go into my teacher’s collection and just lay rocks on her
for the fun of it.  I would take notes on what I had used and then would research the
properties and characteristics.  That was really the fun part because often I would find
that I had intuitively put combinations together that were poignant and meaningful.
ALL Minerals are Beautiful!
My collection of minerals are working tools.  They are often chipped or scarred in some
way and I bought them that way.  It doesn’t matter how they look, the healing properties
are the same.  Recently I bought a bag of inferior grade quartz crystals and discovered two
very special healing tools, we needed each other, because the rock distributor obviously
did not know of their healing potential.  Yes, they were pretty beat up.  I am now sleeping
with them under my pillow.
Come Into Relationship with Your Crystals.
Buy what you love.  Truly love.  Or, crystals that have inspired you.
This will never let you down and it will fuel your joy!
The easiest way to get started is to buy a Chakra set.
One color crystal for each chakra.  I suggest calcite which comes in a wide
range of colors.  I also started with Fluorite early on.
Do Your Research.
You can easily research crystals and their properties on-line.  Just type
in the name of the mineral and healing properties or metaphysical in Google.
Here is an example for Calcite:
Before You Use Your Crystals Clean Each!
You have to know what is best for each.
Some crystals can be set in moonlight.  Others cannot be in the sunlight or water.
You can cleanse some by putting them in ice water.
Finally, the energy and life of crystals is very real.  It is a relationship.  You
become the caretaker of each and every stone that you have. I have actually had two crystals
jump off of the store shelf and into my hands!
This truly is a love affair!

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