Meditation for March

March Meditation

This month’s meditation for the Center of Spiritual Living of Southern Nevada combined two of my favorite chants.  Enter this sacred meditative space through the portal of your heart, breathe and rest!




Every cell in my body is God’s Holy Light, filled with Divine Essence, radiating brilliant life!


Enjoy This Audio Recording!


mastermind-eyeThe Spiritual Mastermind

– April 5 & 19th.  6:30 PM PST.  (Tele-conference Format)

Join me for The Spiritual Mastermind where we rest in the completion of our achievements – before it has manifested.  This is truly laying the spiritual seeds, tilling the soil and planting with expectation.  Mercedes’ boosts with her special channel for each session.  The cost is $48.00 for the two sessions.

The Spiritual Mastermind, Reserve & Pay Here

These sessions are most effective with people who know that Source is the How!


From The Guidance…

It is beyond this reality that we must hold our focus to create new language and definition of language so that the normals of this illusion can not take hold in our consciousness. This uniqueness creates individual greatness and releases us from a cloned society of mediocrity and dullness. This is why the Spiritual Mastermind is important. It creates a void in the no time no space vortex for you to explore and hold the consciousness of the purpose, action or mindset that you were born to bring forth. Sometimes it is an object or idea that is birthing. Other times it is a shift in conscious perspective. This vastness allows you to expand the vortex of your limited experience into the expansiveness of Source.

Your insights will change there is no other outcomes because you are placing yourself with thoughtful consideration into the One Mind One Heart.

This is a non-denominational, inter-faith community. We stand unified as Source.


As Love

For Love

Through Love

To Love

May You Know the Divine Intimately!



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