Our Sedona Sojourn!

Ritual at the River
Ritual at the River
Sedona Healers
Sedona Healers
Sedona Healing
Evening Healing Session
Sedona Qi Gong
Qi Gong @ Bell Rock
Sedona Posing
Bliss & Joy at Oak Creek
Sedona Working
Journaling After The I AM Meditation
Sedone Joy
Ethereal Chanie, Healer and Co-Facilitator
Spiritual Bath Prep
Preparing Our Spiritual Bath

Sedona Selfies Some images from, The Gathering of Healers retreat!


Much Gratitude, Love & Light to Mut Nia Kajara for inviting me to be the Guest Facilitator of this years Sedona retreat for The Ra Sekhi Healing Arts Temple. Ethereal Chanie was our resident Healer and Co-Facilitator on this sojourn.  daughteroflyte.weebly.com


Our Healer’s share there experience!

The Heal the Healer Retreat allowed me to own my practice. I was able to receive new tools for my spiritual practices.  The I AM meditation was an eye opener meditation that allowed me to speak to my Soul!”


“For me, the personal channel was the best part as far as “healing”.  It was a unique experience and this will enhance and bring abundance and prosperity into your future workshops.  It is your gift and it is necessary!  Thank You!”

“The Ancestor elevation ceremony was excellent!”

“Mercedes is AWESOME!” I spent 4 days with her working with my healing of past hurts and issues.  Her insights are beyond anything you can imagine.  Her systems can help you to elevate your spiritual journey and bring you enlightenment.  Any person on the Path should definitely attend a retreat with Mercedes.”

“I AM that I AM, a shimmering beam dwelling in Light.  What I learned on this retreat is that its ALL about ME! I need to clear a lot of things out of my space.  I need to be Light and have more grace in my every step!  This is so that I can receive that is for me!!!”

“I am so grateful for this experience.  Mercedes you are truly special, gifted and in Light.  The ancestral ceremony was so fulfilling and needed.  I appreciate being able to honor them in such a powerful and beautiful way.  Thank you for you selfless work and being open to receive.  You are loved, appreciated and needed.  Dua.


Mercedes Warrick facilitated our retreat and she did a phenomenal job.  She kept my attention and interest and she taught me how to move forward in my life with her tools and meditation techniques.

She is such a great healer and Channel!  The real deal.  I am so happy to have met her and with intention plan to use her services in the future.


As you can see we enjoyed the nature and energy of Sedona.  I had a marvelous time and it is so enthralling to be able to do my spiritual work and calling.  While in the midst of hurricanes, life and work these Healers put our mantra, “Its ALL about ME!” to heart and focused.  I am truly grateful to have experience this investment each made in themselves.

The “system” is The Soul Inspired Tune Up – Visionscapes Edition”  The Channel is the Guides from the Eternal Infinite.  This makes each retreat different and dynamic because is it afterall…. ALL ABOUT YOU!


Many, Many Blessings.

Much Love.


May you KNOW the Divine intimately!









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