Womb Mother Eternal

Common Ground is both Esoteric & Pragmatic

This has been a journey.  In October 2016, The Guidance asked that I be available to channel a series of messages specifically for Brown Hued Women on President’s Day weekend 2017.  Why the gap in time?  I required growth and education.  Within five months, discussion prompts, a new healing system, art, poetry, Commands for Ancestral Healing and now, these Channels have been downloaded.

I AM the Vessel.  The Channels can only be as good as my ability to move out of the way and merge with The Guidance.  So here it is.  The journey.  Please use discernment.  There is a lot here.  I would say that the single most important aspect is that these messages have two components:  a spiritual / esoteric aspect and a practical / pragmatic aspect.  It can be confusing because Guidance doesn’t always spell it out. When the Channel speaks of “Common Ground” it is also addressing these aspects.

Other themes include:
  • The Ancestors are calling for elevation.
  • It’s time to buddy up and take care of our children.
  • Her way is her way.  Your way is yours.  Respect Each!
  • Our cultural paradigms are prohibiting full access to The New Energy.
  • Our DNA structure requires healing from the effects of slavery on our genetics.
  • The One Mind, One Heart Infinite Intelligence requires the energy of Brown Hued Women to balance and harmonize what is happening in the world.
  • At our foundation, we are an indigenous people, transplanted and traded as chattel, we have gifts that have gone dormant and are not represented by any other race of people.
  • Understand the Law of Polarity and how to use it to achieve and manifest.

Finally, I would say. Look for the 2’s.  The last Channel was clear.  It has become apparent that the 2’s signal that what is before you has these two aspects to consider. It is time to get silent and listen to, The Whispers in the Wind.”

May You Know the Divine Intimately,


Please note that the recording stopped and restarted, hence two parts for the second Channel