The Channels: Brown Hued Women, Walk on Common Ground

February 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – February 19, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Donation thru 2/7/17. Late Registration $99
Mercedes Warrick


Brown Hued Women, Walk on Common Ground is the third installment of the State of Our Womb series.  This installment is a rich collection of prose, art and channels designed to prompt provocative discussion around the diversity of color, talent, gifts, profession and spirituality among Women of African descent.



This weekend will feature Spiritual Channels conducted by Mercedes Warrick.  After the event the channels will be posted on the and (For approximately 90 days)


Conducted over Presidents Day Weekend, 2017:  Friday, February 17.  Saturday February 18.  Sunday February 19.

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Friday Session:  5:30 to 7:30 p.m.  PST

Two sessions Saturday & Sunday:

7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. AND

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  PST

The morning session may consist of teaching, meditation and mini channel.*

The evening session may consist of channel, discussion and/or Q&A*

  • Note:  The use of the “may” is because when in Channel teaching can vary and Mercedes does not know what teachings or information will come forward.

WHY?  I AM Called to Do This….

From the original Channel:

Heal The Ancestral DNA
“Within One Nation there are many hues. We are one womb. African Women, you must heal the Ancestors through the unified one womb. In healing them you are healing future generations. it’s time to celebrate and elevate our Ancestors.

Since July 2016, Canadian born artist, spiritual channel and energy therapist, Mercedes Warrick began experiencing a series of insights, visions and messages through Spirit.  Clearly it was an awakening for her.. She was  naïve about several culturally based, historical occurrences and each effects on African American women.  When engaging in conversations during her exploration she encountered: anger, lifestyle disparity, economic segmentation and divergent thought.  As she began to explore the depth of her lack of knowledge she realized it bordered on ignorance, disrespect and misunderstanding.  Not one to shy away she started exploring the stories of peers and sisters.  There was such anger and resentment not only about the history but also amongst brown skin women divided through spiritual, cultural, economic, professional stratus and hair styles.

Then downloads started.

First, the art.

Second, the prose.

Third, The instruction to host the Channels over President Day Weekend, 2017.

Fourth:  The download, “The Command to Heal Our Ancestors.

Her Spiritual Guidance, The Eternal Infinite, has been clear about the urgency to release the historical weights and burdens.  The Ancestors are asking for relief and release.  There is new energy and Light hitting our planet and it is our time to heal the wounds of history so that we can move fully into our gifts, expand and prosper.

Mercedes sits quietly and allows her Guidance to merge, the Channels and teaching flows from there. The subject matter is not “programmed in.”  The Guidance comes to the “table” based on the audience that is present.

THE INVESTMENT:  You decide until February 7th

Before February 7th at Noon. Make a financial contribution.  Suggested $75.00

NOTE: After February 7th at noon, the cost for these five sessions/channels is $99.00.

Participants who donate $75 or more will receive:    REGISTER HERE

A Command to Heal Our Ancestors:  Ceremonies of Ascension to Heal Present & Future Generations.

Format: Downloadable PDF.  A Five-Day ceremony of libation to Elevate Your Lineage across 64 Generations.

The Channels will be posted on the 2017 Channels page until May 31, 2017.  (Audio or Video).

Please be advised that these recordings may be repackaged for sale or other distribution.

By participating you are agreeing that your likeness may be used without compensation or notice.


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You will receive call information upon registration via email.

To have the best experience:

  • Please be on time.  The conference will be locked once the meditation and/or Channel begins
  • Wear comfortable clothes.  Layers are suggested.
  • Have an open mind and heart.  There will be a variety of African American women on the line from diverse backgrounds.
  • Have a journal or notebook to record insights and questions.
  • Headset is advisable.

Remember:  If you contribute $75 or more you will receive:

A Command to Heal Our Ancestors:  Ceremonies of Ascension to Heal Present & Future Generations.

Format: Downloadable PDF. A Five-Day ceremony of libation to Elevate Your Lineage across 64 Generations.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for this event.