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Soul Inspired Tune-up booklet web image 4-26-11PEACE & CREATIVITY

This FREE audio orientation to The Soul Inspired Tune Up includes an explanation of the 21 Soul Inspired meditation sequences. Bring your Self into alignment with clarity, peace and love aligned living.

Includes:  I AM Divine Magnificence meditation.

Listening Time: 44 minutes

Format:  Download the MP3

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FREE! Fertilize Your Lotus Blossom.

Jpeg SITU CARD FINALThis is the 6th call from our 7 call series I AM LOVE I AM.  Through Channel, Mercedes discusses ways to energize your dreams through meditation, mind-set and use of Universal principles, Rhythm and As Below So Above.

Listening Time:  59 minutes

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The Soul Inspired Tune Up - Book V4081503074
The Soul Inspired Tune Up® is a personal renaissance. You renew, energize and elevate your emotional and spiritual frequencies. Refreshed and reconnected you thrive from your Spiritual Source, an innermost peace and intuitive wisdom. Each action, thought or feeling, wish, dream or desire has an emotional frequency. Through the Love that this process aligns with your personal artistry flourishes creating new visions and landscapes, solutions and expansiveness. This is spiritual rejuvenation and strengthened connection with your Higher Source. Contains daily meditations, prayers and a story of my spiritual evolution. FREE MP3 Download - Peace & Creativity - An introduction to The Soul Inspired Tune Up is included.
Price: $21.99


The Visionscapes Edition, The Soul Inspired Tune Up. V4081607265
WHAT IS THE VISIONSCAPE® SYSTEM? The Soul Inspired Tune Up’s Visionscape® Edition is a personal renaissance ~ an intuition based spiritual journey for renewal and rejuvenation. This process focuses on bringing LOVE, Peace and Clarity into every aspect of your life, everyday in every way it energizes LOVE! The Visionscape System includes: * 54 meditations and visionscape cards. * Visionscaping to create your Intuitive Daydreams. * Inspirational musings to stimulate an expansion of your point-of-view. * Frequency elevating meditations and more…. The Visionscapes Edition of The Soul Inspired Tune Up is a living tool, a spiritual process to enhance a Love Aligned Lifestyle. It is inspiring, imaginative, transforming living. Everyday in Every Way Love …. Energizing Love 365.
Price: $225.00


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