I Teach In Spirit

“As I become still and enter my inner sanctuary there is peace. I open my mouth, enter into divine trust and the teachings come. The words are filled with God, Love, Inner Powering and Wisdom. This Divine Guidance harmonizes to the Source Power Love. The Knowing flows. The Knowing guides that Success is Your Sacred Right!”

What is a Spiritual Channel & Who Am I Channeling:


Love aligned living in all areas of life is what my spiritual guides teach.  This alignment brings peace where there are storms, clarity where there is circular chaos.  Are you making unproductive choices going in stressful emotional circles over and over again?  You have the Inner Force of Love. 

Living a Love Aligned Lifestyle looks like:

* Clarity * Relief from Stress and Worry * Feeling a connectedness to the Divine * Understanding of what is happening and where you are at in a situation * Emotional Freedom and Detachment * Understanding on How to hold Onto Your Spiritual Strength * Patience * Seeking mutually beneficial outcomes * Knowing Love Heals and Transforms *

You are Divine Light.

You have the Force of Love within You! This force is yours to energize, direct and activate.

You are spiritual power as the Divine and through the Divine.

Each session includes a teaching (some guidance).  What’s on Spirit’s mind for you in this special moment.  You will also have the opportunities to ask questions while Mercedes is In Spirit.




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These sessions are 60 or 90 minutes in length. All sessions can be conducted over the phone.  You in your home/location.  Me in Las Vegas.

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