I Transform In Spirit

Are you ready to experience your very own transformational retreat?  I love this time we spend together because you are taking time for you.  It is the ultimate “just for me” time, centering and relaxing. Sometimes we just need to feel better.

Together we pray, breathe and meditate as the universal divine energy of Source (Reiki) flows.  As you set your intentions to connect with your Source Light the channels to Divine Guidance will be opened.  This is your moment, your gift, your time to BE in the Knowingness.  These sessions clear and flow the transformative spiritual energy between you and your High Source, your God.

Why have you found me? The urges to change are calling.  “Evolve, do something, change something or BE some place different” says the inner voice.

This is the voice of your inner evolution.  This journey is an unfolding that requires holding the spiritual space (faith and trust) while having enough physical energy and mental fortitude to stay out of worry. Know, right here and right now, that it is possible to achieve your yearnings and desires.  Yet it is an unfolding and as such we live each moment, breath by breath.

Your inner-standing becomes your exterior understanding as you stand and feel  the Energy of your High Source.  This Force ignites your vision, expands your knowing of the possibilities, and reveals new “how to’s.” Say this with me:

  • I AM Peace and as Peace I  ignite the desire, the love, the better and the success within me.
  • I AM my God, my Light, My Great Spirit, My Source this Divinity is within me and is me.
  • I AM IN powered to be  in collaboration with my living tools – my thoughts, actions and intentions to bring into my life my sacred success.

Whatever you desire, relaxation in the moment or a major life shift, knowing your inner centering Peace, your Divine Guidance nurtures and fortifies you.  This is transformational.

Over the past eight years, I have been blessed with understanding the channels to my Source Energy, how to connect with Spirit and how to BE in the flow of Divine Communication.  I Am now offering energy balancing and harmonic alignments to people who would like to experience their spiritual energy in a new way and BE peace, BE relaxation, BE clarity and BE expansion.  These sessions are available in  90 minute segments.  In each session I will assist you to:

  • Feel the inter-connectiveness with your Source
  • Experience deep relaxation
  • Expand your possibilities through imagination and intuitive inner explorations
  • Understand how to activate your living tools – thoughts and emotions to affirm and build imaginative, inspired and energized dreams
  • Maximize your I AM & I Can energy
  • Renew
  • Rejuvenate
  • Energize your personal renaissance

All sessions are personal and private. Within our Sacred Trust I will mentor, support, encourage, challenge, re-energize and INSPIRE you!

Dream * Believe * Achieve!

Personal Retreats (90 minutes)

Corporate, Non Profit, Social Groups (One day or Multi-day Retreats)

CALL:  (702) 348-8800




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Transformation and Relaxation Retreats are 90 minutes in length. These energy harmonization sessions focus on bringing peace, relaxation and balance to you. All sessions with you can be conducted over the phone.  You in your home/location.  Me in Las Vegas.  We will converse and then you will be asked to relax and lie down.  If your session is 90 minutes in length and  you are in Las Vegas, these retreats can be conducted in person. Realigning to peace can contribute to a feeling of overall well being,  help with seeing a different point of view, bring clarity, move you forward and “tune up” your natural intuitive instinct.

Retreats include a combination of breathing, meditation or prayer and energy alignment (Reiki or Theta Healing).  I mentor every session, In Spirit.  My gift of intuition, inspiration and insight makes each experience unique.

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90 minutes: $225.00

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