477What is an Insight Channel?

An Insight Channel is 30-to-45 minutes with Mercedes and her Guides.  These sessions are conducted over the phone.

These sessions are the most insightful when:

You have one specific question, an event or a situation that you want some spiritual guidance.

Each is also beneficial as part of your goal setting or vision setting process.

It is a way to hold your spiritual ground about something you may have a strong belief about.

It is a way to partner with Guidance to seek an expanded or alternate points-of-view.

It is a way to glean new insights and understanding.

It is a way to check in with your inner Guidance.

It is a way to learn a spiritual perspective that may not be readily apparent.

It is a way to visualize your desired outcomes.

It is a way to work through Spirit to themes and goals for the next period of time.  (next year, next 90 days etc.)

It is a way to proactively activate and align your actions and lifestyle with your spiritual belief system.


Have you ever looked up at the sun, sighed and just felt clear?


Applied Spirituality

Applied Spirituality is:

  • Using your spiritual beliefs, force and power to transform the situation, shift an event or energize an outcome or desire.
  • Consciously aligning yourself to love in every action.
  • Consciously formulating a process, action, desire or outcome through the mindset of doing the best for all involved.
  • Consciously doing your best for the highest good, purpose or reason.
  • Conducting your life, work and pleasure through the filter of doing your best.


The Benefits

The benefits of an Insight Channel are generally that:

  • You come into alignment with your belief system and spiritual practice.
  • This reduces stress and increase contentment and peace-of-mind
  • You are being active, proactive and have a sense of the purpose and heart behind your actions and thinking.


The Channel is a Teaching Channel

It is important that you realize that the Guidance that flows through Mercedes in general and specifically

are teachings and lessons.  What we mean by this is that often you may have a situation and the Channel

may have suggestions on how to raise the vibration, provide a different way of thinking about it or

suggest / teach about what you can shift within yourself and your actions.


When & How to Schedule an Insight Session

To PAY for your Insight Channel session click here


The fee is $125.00


Pay then

CALL  (702) 348-8800 to

Schedule your appointment.

I am available for these sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

My first session of the day begins at ten (10:00) a.m. PST

My last session of the day begins at seven (7:00) pm PST


You can schedule your appointment between:

10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. PST


The cost is $125.00 / Insight Channel


If you have questions email Mercedes at Mercedes@MercedesWarrick.com.


NOTE: These sessions are not predictive.

YOU HAVE FREEWILL! Because you have freewill, you may decide to do something

that shifts the trajectory of the outcome. We do not say, ” do this by next Tuesday” as an example.

You take action.  You have responsibility.

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