Reverend Mercedes Warrick, MA

Spiritual Teacher

Business, Leadership, Lifestyle Advisor.

Energy Rebalancing, Renewal, Relaxation

Meditation and Breath Facilitator

Intuitive Channel

Books, Personal Development, Business Development Processes & Energy Alignments Developed by Mercedes Warrick

Business Energetics, The Soul Inspired Tune Up, Visionscapes, The Energetic Divorce


Business Experience.

Mercedes served as Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications for the MARS Inc. Division Ethel M Chocolates. In that role she was the brand gatekeeper for Ethel M® Chocolates. The most agile and entrepreneurial company in the MARS portfolio, Ethel M Chocolates gourmet gift line included the traditional array of celebration collections for every seasonal holiday. For this multi-million dollar brand Mercedes directed packaging design, advertising, public relations strategy, crisis communication training, item rationalization and profitability. She had concept-to-consumer marketing, communication, product design and financial responsibility for the direction of this highly dynamic business.

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Credit: Gaile Feregsen, Sacred Photography
Credit: Gaile Feregsen, Sacred Photography

Lately people are experiencing a lot of discomfort and it is  creating urgent urges in their hearts to do something  different.  I am the hand at the small of their back reassuring that’s it okay to begin their conversation with their inner Self. Standing in the newness of their desires, transforming their lifes to
be in alignment with their vision and their High Ideals.

Love transforms, transcends, transmute all.  When we are  in love alignment we are in alignment with Source and simply, we can change our world!

Reverend Mercedes Warrick is a spiritual teacher,  energy alchemist/healer, business and leadership consultant. The Soul Inspired Tune Up®, her meditation and energy practice, has evolved through Spirit to become a guiding pathway to intuitive love aligned living.  Visionscapes®. She is facilitates inner evolutions mentoring your personal renaissance through Spirit, creativity and art.  (My Art)

As she sat down to write what she thought was going to be a book on using spiritual principles for business marketing. Spirit directed her to, “Teach this first.” The former corporate executive experienced an initiation; this evolution in mind-set and heart-set has brought Mercedes into new ways to align with and attune to Love. The Soul Inspired Tune Up is allowing spiritual professionals as well as people in transforming life change to stand with conviction and live the passion in their heart. These principles expand through her Business Energetics process where Mercedes reviews the energy of your business and recommends processes for energetic renewal. Mercedes also assists with leading people to expansion and growth after traumatic experiences

This year Mercedes’ emphasis is introducing people to the subtle frequencies of peace and transformation. It’s All Spiritual recognized that everything is Source. Everything! So when we go to “high road and the road less travelled” we realize our power to transform and shape our daily living.  On the first day of each month she offers Reiki Blessings, a transmission of healing energy to honor our earth and our humanity.  Reiki Blessings Information can be found on Facebook or on The Reiki Experience 360 website.

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Specialties: What makes me unique?

My ability to cultivate open conversations, provide honest feedback, insightful exploration, shifts & INSPIRED LIVING!

I am a teacher and guide that understands business, life and life changing transformation.  I have worked as an executive level consultant specializing in business, retail management, marketing, product development, branding & communications and now I combine the mastery of meditation, intuitive guidance & the principles of yoga and qi gong. I assist you to consciously create your  life  to align with your inner values.  It’s about loving the life you are living, all aspects of it, everyday in everyway, energizing Love….  Love 365.

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Mercedes Warrick, does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, mental, emotional or medical problems. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event that you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.