believe.warrickIt is one o’clock in the morning and the bulgar alarm in my home ringing.  Immediately I feel the shortness of breath, the spaghetti noodle legs but my mind is clear going through a check list.  What am I hearing?  Where’s Bella Qi? (My dog).  How am I going to be safe?  This is 7 years after “robbery at gunpoint” and my post traumatic stress is alive and kicking.  It turned out that Bella Qi was outside and I had left the door unlock.  Being the industrious and every clever canine that she is, she opened the door.

PSTD is situational, not present everyday and not present forever.  I haven’t had to “manage” it for a long time.  For the next few days, I am back into my tool.  The Soul Inspired Tune Up emerged as I was recovering so many years ago and it helps me now.  Breathe!  What am I feeling?  What is emerging?  I Am Divine Magnificence.  Love me for where I am right now.

How you emerge from your situation is a very personal and private process. Seven years ago I was one of what I call, “The Red Lips” professional.  I would suit up every morning, put on my favorite shade of red lipstick and do the deed of being a very proficient and exceptional “go to” executive.  People were telling me that, “I looked incredible.”  Inside I was crumbling inside.

This work chronicles my life.  It has literally allowed me to emerge in my remembering as a spiritual intuitive and writer.  It also has allowed me to remember that I am not my situation.  It has opened me to beauty, smiles and laughter. Experiencing joy is back in my life. I dream or at least have had the courage to dream from my soul again.

I AM grateful to the wisdom that has allow me this space to be who I AM with honor, grace and love. I AM grateful to have discovered the peace that ignites the love and creativity within me.