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The 7 Chakras – Our Intuitive Energy

The word chakra was originally cakra, meaning wheel or sun and dates back to between 600-2,000 BC from ancient Indian culture. References to chakras in ancient Indian writings appear as early as 200 BC as being bodily centers of feeling or consciousness. The seven main chakras, which are aligned with the spine, are considered to be the centers of energy within a human body and correspond directly to our feelings, emotions and behavior characteristics.

The chakras are envisioned as swirling, funnel shaped vortexes that open out from our physical body into our aura. These constantly rotating funnels are the energy processors of our body. They draw in energy from the outside into our body. The seven main chakras are also commonly associated with organs and bodily functions and are represented by colors and are numbered 1 to 7.

Just as blocks are created in the aura, they can also be created in the chakras. These blocks cause the chakras to slow down or speed up their rotation which then interferes with the amount of energy being supplied to the body, which then adversely affects the associated glands and organs. This also can have a negative effect on our mental-emotional health. A person’s body, mind and spiritual well-being are balanced and healthy when all of their chakras are clear.

The Chakras

The lower chakras govern our more basic instincts related to survival and physical self. The higher chakras govern our mental characteristics and feelings related to thought and consciousness. The central chakra – the heart, bridges the two, and therefore, is strongly linked to both physical and emotional feelings. The seven chakras (numbered according to the chakra system) are:

1.            The Root Chakra 

   Red Self Preservation Physical well being, family, protecting, territory, fear of death.Monkey mind, ungrounded. Profit DevelopmentExecutive Team

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. The color associated with it is red. It deals with the excretory system and blood distribution. It has a dominating influence on body temperature. It is our rooting chakra. When in balance it gives us the will to live life enthusiastically. When it is out of balance we lack enthusiasm and stamina, life becomes a burden. Over functioning of this chakra can results in aggression, violence or a need to dominate.


2.      The Sacral Chakra



Self Creation Relationships, control, money issues, religious beliefs, sexuality, creativity.Blame, regret, holding on. InnovationSales  R&D

The second chakra is located near the lower back (below the navel). The color associated with it is orange. This chakra deals with the reproductive system and its organs. When in balance, yin and yang or the masculine and feminine aspects of our personality are in balance. It also controls our relationship with other people and our sense of self. Our creative expression is also a major focus of this chakra. If it is out of balance it can result in unfulfilling relationships, uncertainty, lack of confidence and emotional distress.



3.      Solar Plexus



Self Empowerment Self esteem self trust, decisiveness, personal honor, courage, and accountability.Digestion/Control ChangeFinance, Operations Logistics

The third chakra is located in the upper part of the abdomen between the navel and the base of the sternum. Its color is yellow. It balances the digestive system and the pancreas and therefore, contributes to the digestion of food. This chakra is considered our mood center and helps to form our personality. When the chakra is open, we are happy and joyful but if it is blocked we are depressed and sad and it can be associated with frequent mood swings.



4.      Heart Chakra




Self Love Joy, love, generosity, emotional equilibrium.Sad, Joylessness RelationshipsEmployee Relations, Human ResourcesCustomer Service

The fourth chakra location is in the center of the chest as well as in the center of the Chakra system. It is therefore, considered very important and to some degree, controls all the other chakras. Its color is green. It controls the thymus, and the internal organ, the heart, and the lower area of the lungs. It regulates our circulation and the immune system. Emotionally, when open, this chakra generates warmth, sincerity and unconditional love. When it is closed it leads to the inability to give or receive love.


5.      Throat Chakra



Self Honesty Self expression, will power, listening skills, personal honesty.Critical, Stubborn CollaborationMarketingPublic Relations


The fifth chakra is located directly at the throat. Its color is light blue. It governs the thyroid, the neck, throat, ears, and upper respiratory system. It controls our communication and creative expression. An open throat chakra helps us to effectively communicate our innermost thoughts and feelings without fear, as well as outwardly expressing our creativity. Inability to express oneself and fear of and dependence on the opinions of others are a result of a closed throat chakra.


6.      Forehead Chakra



Self Awareness Trust in the universe.  Higher mental and personal vision and intuition. Depression, non reliance on intuition, closed minded, emotional instability. Conscious ConnectionYOU OwnerCorporate Board


The sixth chakra is located in the center of the forehead and is also known as the Third Eye. It governs the left eye, nose, ears, sinuses, cerebellum and the central nervous system. It is considered to be our intuition center. An open third eye chakra results in a composed mind and we are more analytical and our memory is better. If this chakra is not balanced it can cause an over dependence on rationality and the intellect and a lack of spirituality. It can also cause a low intellect level or a confused mind.


7.      Crown Chakra



Selflessness Center of free will, divine inspiration, divine creativity. Lack of belief in a higher power Corporate Social Responsibility

The seventh chakra is located at the top or crown of the head. Its color is white. It governs the right eye and the upper brain. When in balance we feel more connected with our spirituality, and a sense of unity. Our consciousness is calm and open. If this chakra is out of balance we feel a sense of separation or abandonment.

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