Soul Inspired Tune-up booklet web image 4-26-11A first step to aligning with Love, learning how to flow the energy of life through you for purposeful creation, healing and living.  Each daily meditation aligns you with Love, Abundance and Success.  I AM Success, Success is My Sacred Right!

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The Soul Inspired Tune Up® is a personal renaissance. You renew, energize and elevate your emotional and spiritual frequencies. Refreshed and reconnected you thrive from your Spiritual Source, an innermost peace and intuitive wisdom. Each action, thought or feeling, wish, dream or desire has an emotional frequency. Through the Love that this process aligns with your personal artistry flourishes creating new visions and landscapes, solutions and expansiveness. This is spiritual rejuvenation and strengthened connection with your Higher Source. Contains daily meditations, prayers and a story of my spiritual evolution. FREE MP3 Download - Peace & Creativity - An introduction to The Soul Inspired Tune Up is included.



Do you desire a personal mentor through achievement, flow and alignment?  Sign up for a  Soul Inspired Tune Up guided session.  Teaching sessions can be in person or over the phone.  Each is about 60 to 90 minutes.

60 minute sessions are $189.00

90 minutes sessions are $225.00   

Your Price: $ 


 The Soul Inspired Tune Up® Mastery Retreats



Energizing LOVE 365.  Mercedes, registered yoga and qi gong teacher as well as Usui Reiki Master will guide you personally through specialized training, re-balancing alignments, higher frequency attunements and meditations.  Meet with her once per week to be  mentored through your Soul Inspired Tune Up.  This journey wraps your desires with love and determination. The Soul Inspired Tune Up is an in depth journey of self discovery it aligns you with LOVE and activates your achievement mind-set everyday.  You also receive an uplifting meditation, balancing alignment or relaxation session every week. Success is Your Sacred Right!

Release ~ Align ~ Energize ~ Elevate!

The Soul Inspired Tune Up will help you:

Release old stories and event that are no longer serving your highest good. (Loving Me When… Success is My Sacred Right daily meditations)

Align with new energy, peace filled creativity and positive imagery.  Adjust your thought frequency towards positive outcomes and achievement. (The Alignment Meditation)

Energize new patterns, goals, and desires. (I Am Success meditation)

Elevate your desire frequency to the I Am Success frequency… daily! (I Am Divine Magnificence Meditation & Healing Sequence)

The primary practice is a 5 – to – 15 minute daily investment in aligning your actions, thoughts and inner Self to the things, actions and plans that will move you towards your sacred Success.

Click Here for the Audio Introduction to The Soul Inspired Tune Up.


Soul Inspired Tune-up booklet web image 4-26-11The Soul Inspired Tune Up Study Materials includes:  The book, 9 Breaths for Conscious Living  CD and Loving Me When… Success is My Sacred Right


Retreat Information



– In person or via telephone.

– with Living Energy® Alignment & 9 Breaths for Conscious Living training, Visionscape® Session.

Meet once per week for  4 weeks.

Session Length 3.0 hour personal retreat

Session Content:

  • Release, Align, Energize & Elevate Training.
  • Reiki Session or Living Energy® Alignment or Meditation.
  • Customized Lifestyle innovation through Visionscaping or 9 Breaths.
  • Personal mentoring throughout your Soul Inspired Tune Up.


  • Check in via email.
  • 4 – 30 minute phone consultations.
  • Total training hours (including phone consultations)  14 hours.



Call for an application & orientation session

(702) 348-8800



Journey to your intuitive Self and master the daily discipline of living from the inner Self.  Mercedes will be with you as you go through your Soul Inspired Tune Up process.  These  Bonus Sessions are included so that you can have support during and after your 21 days of self mastery.

  • 1 private orientation tele-conference to The Soul Inspired Tune Up.
  • 3 Visionscape® sessions designed to give your increased insight on how to use your unique gifts & design the shifts/vision/outcomes your desire.  You can use these sessions up to 60 days after your Soul Inspired Tune Up Self Mastery training.
  • Save $225 off of the regular 21 session price.
  • This Bonus Session Special is a combined value and savings of $1125.00!

PLUS! I will mentor you through specialized meditations, breathing techniques and energy healing to balance your equilibrium and reduce your stress, teach you Visionscapes® a unique method for processing the overwhelm to live with clarity & you will mastermind The Soul Inspired Tune Up directly with me, The Intuitive CEO, everyday for 21 days.

Invest one hour per day. Experience  peace and creativity. Process and design with inner focus and clarity. Soulfully design your achievement.

21 one hour daily Self Mastery Trainings (Regular price $4,725), The Soul Inspired Tune Up materials, Your Personal Orientation Session, Visionscape® materials & 3 Personalized Visionscape® Sessions:


Call for an application & orientation session

(702) 348-8800