If it used to feel like this!

But now it feels like this…. Sexual Depletion


The Energetic Divorce is a spiritual retreat that deals with the emotional loose ends of a relationship that has ended.

Often we have done the necessary legalities or social norms to severe our relationships while not considering the sacred aspects that united our spirits are still intertwined. Our intimate relationships are sacred and with each experience we take into our Sacred Self the energy of another.  These are energetic connections that span across all space and time because we come together as sacred souls – to love, to learn, to grow and then at times to move on.

Each sexual relationship is a spiritual encounter with energetic force and divine purpose.

You have The Power. It just may not feel like it right now.

Frustrated? Upset? Off balance?

Sexual energy is the energy of life creation. It is a potent divine and natural force. You may find that for no “rational” reason that you want your ex or any man.  You are unplugged from a force that creates life and a force that was feeding you.

How are you filling this space…  with food, with non meaning-filled sex, with alcohol, by receding into victim or by pouring all of you into your children or your work?

Is it time for a separation from the energies of a relationship that are no longer available to you or serving you sacredly? 

Your discomfort is because there are still energetic ties, invisible, intangible and spiritual that you can if you choose to, release. It is normal because as woman you take into your hearts and your womb, your man.  You allowed your body to become the vessel of the spiritual joining. Your coupling rippled across the spiritual landscape – across lifetimes.

How you choose to fill the void is up to you.  You have the power.

Chakras are our spiritual energy centers.  If you are out-of-balance or out of spiritual alignment here are some examples of how you may be feeling.

Energy Center** Feeling or Behavior   Misalignment
First Chakra (Survival)Prosperity Feeling like you are   still connected and rooted into the relationship. Feeling like you are not   being able to “survive” or separate. How will I survive / live / exist without him?
Second Chakra (Creativity)Creative Wisdom       Feeling like you have a loss of   Self identity.  You are not yourself   without them. Trouble creating a new life and cannot envision life without the   relationship. Who I am?
Third Chakra (Power)Serenity Feeling drained of   all energy and zest for life.  Feeling   blocked and powerless to move on, forward or beyond the relationship.
Fourth Chakra (Love)Abundance Feeling guarded and vulnerable. Or,   acting overly glee-filled and hiding behind the public joy. Not able to   explain or understand reactions or responses you give to people.
Fifth Chakra (Communication)Good Works  Feeling unable to   provide service/work beyond what you is expected.  Feeling unable to express how you feel or   unable to follow through on plans, actions or intentions.  What do I do now?  What does my life look like?
Sixth Chakra   (Intuition)Knowing Feeling like you cannot trust your   Self or your instincts.Feeling like you have lost your   inner guidance system, your gut instinct. How can I make a decision?
Seventh Chakra (Universal   Source)Freedom Feeling abandoned by   your Divine Source. Unable to connect, pray, meditate or engage in spiritual pro-action   and collaboration to co-create a solution to the above. How can I concentrate, connect with God? Where is God?

Release * Align * Energize * Elevate

Your Energetic Divorce includes:

  •  An overall assessment and balancing of your aura, chakra and meridian energetic channels
  • Facilitated guided exercises, meditation and prayer.
  • Energy Divination through The Soul Inspired Tune Up® and Visionscape® System this will help you design and reinforce your ideas, new approaches  and visions for your life.
  • Peace aligning and stress reducing breathing exercises.
  • Clearing of the energetic ties from a past relationship on these levels of existence:  Core, Historic – Ancestral, Genetic and Soul.
  • Practical tools and/or methods to stay aligned and tuned up.

Truthfully we could wham ‘em Bam ‘em and just cut the energetic cords.  However, there is really no healing and honoring of your sacred Self in this.  Generally the anger is still there, the hurt is still there and the FEAR is still there.  Take some time to create a special space for yourself to be honest and to release this energy with ceremony, love and respect.

To do this work you must have a belief in a Higher Source.  I believe in the Divine Ecosystem and work with people with diverse spiritual belief systems. In general I use terms like:  Mother/Father God, Divine Source Energy, Creator of All there is.  Creative Source, God.

For the best results: HONOR YOURSELF

  • Allocate enough time to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment.  Do not rush!
  • Allocate time after your session to process and fully take in the experience.
  • Know that there maybe a period of adjustment.
  • Plan time before your session to think about what you would like to accomplish.
  • Schedule some private and personal time everyday to come into Love alignment and commune with your Divine Source.
  • Be comfortable. Bring a notebook or journal, light snack / lunch, a favorite blanket or sweater. Dress in layers and wear comfortable clothes.
  • Be prepared.  Make a list of feelings, behaviors or internal stories that you would like to talk about and address.

Finally, transitioning through any endpoint brings to your life a new beginning.  Through this personal retreat you will have tools to manage your emotional temperature.  Will this session “kiss it and make it all better?”  Maybe?  Sometimes all we need is a ritual of completion. However, if  something happens and the emotions flare you will have personal management tools. You have the inner power and fortitude to choose how you will response or react.  The idea here is to be able to cope, release, grow and see a different vista.  Feel the inner power ignite and move forward.  Healing is personal so every effort is made to make this a personal and sacred time for you.


The Energetic Divorce is a day session.  We usually begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 6:00 p.m.


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To schedule and pay for your Energetic Divorce:

Call me at (702) 348-8800.

I am an ordained spiritual teacher,  artist, and healing facilitator. For more information and free channeled meditation please visit: http://mercedeswarrick.com/free-peace-creativity/

The tuition for The Energetic Divorce is:  $498.00 / Day  (Price may vary based on location)

Retreat and small group – multi session formats are also available.

In Joy & In Spirit



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*Energetic Divorce is a term used in ThetaHealing®.

** Prosperity, Creative Wisdom, Serenity, Good Works, Knowing and Freedom are part of the verses in the I Am Divine Magnificence meditation from The Soul Inspired Tune Up® a book by Mercedes Warrick.

*** Results differ may from person-to-person. There is no guarantee offered for specific outcomes or performance.

 NOTE that energy sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatments.  If you are on medication or under a doctors care for physical or psychological conditions continue to consult with your professional advisor and follow their instruction.

**** Remember to visit: http://mercedeswarrick.com/free-peace-creativity/  to receive your free meditation, more information about me and to experience a channeled teaching and meditation session.