4x6 post card 2-1 ProofThe cards to the Visionscape System are blank when you receive them.  This space allows you to dream and create meaningful images.  One of my teachers taught me to make my own tools.  I have a “store bought” version and the hand crafted tool that I have made myself.  In every case, I have come to have a deep inner relationships and insights.  It can be intimidating to see all of that empty space and think about the inner journeys and revelations that you are about to embark on. Most of mine are drawings, you can write a favorite affirmation or poem.  This idea is to Visionscape, bring forth your intuitive daydreams, desires and visions. Create your reality. I promise you however, that your experience will bring you to expanded new vistas, harmony and understanding.  Here are examples of some of my cards.







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