Bringing the Invisible into the Visible – We are a Spiritual Mastermind Community focused on achievement through meditation, breath work, affirmation, energy treatment and connecting with Source.  This community comes together, via teleconference, twice per month for 60 to 75 minutes per session. As we journey into this sacred space, we actively engage in applying spiritual law toward outcomes for our mutual as well as individual greater good. (Applied Spirituality)

These sessions are perfect for anyone working towards a goal, wanting to make a shift or wanting to be facilitated into a spiritual energy. There will be little to no discussion.  Your homework before each session will be to formulate your intention, vision or goal.

This is a “sowing” and a “doing” so very little discussion is going to take place. I love this work because we are truly planting our transformational seeds into the fertile spiritual energy then releasing our knowing into Spirit.


That God is always working for my Highest Good

That I AM a catalyst for magnificence!

That Love is ALL there is.

That when engaged in group affirmation, the effect is magnified.

That deliberate spiritual activation (sowing)

of the sacred seeds (love, joy, peace, freedom, contentment, wholeness, etc)

produces reaping and outcomes that are in my highest good and greatest purpose.

Based on 36 Channels in 36 Days each session will include:

  • Unifying into Oneness
  • Your State of God Meditation
  • The I AM Mind Breathing Sequence
  • Affirmation of Completion (Breath Sequence)
  • I Know….
  • Gratitude & Closing.

ADDED Bonus:

Mercedes will transmit Holy Fire Reiki intermittently throughout the month to keep the spiritual flames glowing.

For questions and/or to suggest times that would be more convenient for you, please use the box below. It is possible to form more than one group if there is enough interest.