Channel: August 20, 2017. Heaven’s Gate Opens to Evolve Wisdom Keepers


Evolution to Wisdom Keeper

Evolution to Wisdom Keeper was recorded at The Enchanted Forrest Reiki Center in Las Vegas on August 20, 2017 (The day before the solar eclipse).  Length:  32:00 minutes.


Next 30 days to 30 months Heaven’s Gate doorways will open.  These multi-dimensional portals will allow wisdom keepers / seekers to enter various dimension to obtain frequency alignments, receive information and expand their gifts for the purpose of bringing an increased presence of Source infused love, peace, joy etc.  The purpose is to create a shift that brings our planet into a Source centered divine consciousness.  This is not a migration of souls into Ancestry.  These are everyday people who are ready to take up the assignment of Wisdom Keeper.  The transformations will evolve in many ways in accordance to each individual.

This is my first Channel of this nature since January 2016.  Enjoy!


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